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Silver Cord

Hi, I've been a member of this community for a long while, but I haven't posted yet, because I'm a generally shy person. I do enjoy reading and looking at all of your posts, though. I have something I would like an open-minded opinion on, if at all possible, though. I'm not sure if this is the community which often gains a lot of "that's dust, that's just a hair, etc." types of comments.

What I am actually hoping for though, is not comments on the authenticity of the photograph, or whether you think it's this or that physical explanation. Those comments are easy to make. What I'm looking for is perhaps someone who has studied ghostly or supernatural phenomenon, and has perhaps seen something similar to this in a picture, or some sort of description or study.

Trust me when I say all physical explanations are ruled out for this thing. There are no hanging chains or lights in my mom's house that could cause this, there were no holiday decorations. She was only trying to get a photo of the hanging picture on the right because I gave it to her for xmas. In my opinion, her new-ish house is too bare, so given that information - she doesn't decorate - those aren't beads or streamers or anything like that.

It isn't some electrical thing hanging out of the ceiling or wall, because she would certainly notice that. This thing was only seen in this one picture. She almost deleted it but she wanted me to see it and I personally haven't seen anything that looks like this... It also seems to be casting a shadow. There are orbs in the picture also, I'm sure that could be called dust or whatever. They always show up in pictures at my mom's house, so nothing unusual there.

What is unusual is the silver cord on the left, near the TV that seems to be throwing a shadow of itself on the wall... to me it looks completely physical, however there is nothing in my mom's house even remotely resembling this in physical reality. Also if it was hair, how could it cast such a big shadow on the wall? It looks like it's only a few inches from the shadow/wall, and not on the camera lens itself, like hair would be.

Any thoughts as to what this might be? Thanks, VV
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