Religion is the smile on a dog... (drocera) wrote in eeriehappenings,
Religion is the smile on a dog...

Last night I took my grnadmother to the funeral of one of her friends.

After the funeral, I was helping grandma into my car.  I had left my driver's side door open while I was doing this and all of the sudden it slammed shut.  No, I wasnt parked on a slope, and there was no wind.  I kind of laughed and told grandma that Esther wanted to come along.

Driving home I was messing around with my camera, taking pictures just to amuse myself.  When I uploaded the pictures on my computer, however...I found

A strange, monkey like thing...

Now, I don't know if this was some sort of play of lights or what the heck.  I've tried enlarging it, flipping it to different angles, but I can't make out what it could be.

Is that weird or am I hallucinating?
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