Hana (hanasays) wrote in eeriehappenings,

Moderation FTW?

Holy crap, I'm still a moderator here? Daidreamer, you still around?

Uh, hi... everyone... well, now I just feel weird.



Daidreamer and I started this community a while ago as an open community for the discussion of ghosts, strange dreams, aliens, and various other strange incidents. Then, life got busy. Oddly, I feel like a stranger here, now.

I have been known, from time to time, to post entries in my journal about the strange dreams and nightmares that I have. However, I doubt anyone from the community ever wanders through my personal journal, and those entries are locked anyway. They aren't exactly supernatural, but dreams easily fall into the realm of the unexplained. Whether we're exploring another world, or the worlds that exist within our own psyches, strange is strange. :-)

Recently, I went through my journals - electronic and written - and collected the entries. I've been fascinated by the vivid, bizarre dreams and nightmares that I have had for a long time. I'm collecting them and posting them, dream by dream, to a separate blog called "Ghosts on my Heels". I decided to put it on Blogger because of the added flexibility and freedom that it offers. You can find it here

Oh, and I promise I'll go through and delete some of the genuine spam. You're safe, Strangewire, I'm talking about the completely extraneous crap. There actually doesn't seem to be much of it. Amazing!
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