Bam-Bam (blue_sky_miner) wrote in eeriehappenings,

So here's my wierd experience...

I was in the south eastern Utah desert, just north of the Arizona border on a hiking trip last spring. We camped out at the trailhead the first night, got a little drunk and went to bed around 1 a.m. or so. A little before 6 a.m., I woke up and had to go relieve myself. So I went outside, took care of business and stood near the tents for a few minutes enjoying the cool air, the stars, the darkness, the coyotes howling, just the atmosphere of it all. It was a clear night/morning only minutes before sunrise, not a cloud in the sky... except for one that I noticed.

It was to the north/north east of me and moving in an eastern direction. If I was facing due north on a clock, it would be at 1 o'clock. I would judge it to be maybe 3-4 miles away, a couple thousand feet up. I'd judge the size as maybe 100 yards long by 50 yards wide. What caught my attention wasn't just that it was the absolute only cloud in the sky, but that it was so incredibly dark. I mean the think was black against the evening sky. Now the sun was just beginning to show a little hint of light on the eastern horizon, but it was still very dark out. I watched this cloud move east at a fast pace. Yet, I was certain that it was a cloud, no lights, no hard angles, nothing indicating it was man made. The thing was oval shaped and actually very fuzzy around the edges, just like a cloud should be. But the speed of it moving caught my attention, almost like it was in the jet stream. Only thing was, there was hardly a trace of breeze on the ground. No storm, no wind, nothing to explain why it would be moving so fast other than the atmosphere up there must have been totally different at the time, which I will concede is very possible.

So after watching this thing head east for maybe 10-15 seconds, I absolutely swear IT MADE A 90 DEGREE LEFT TURN and started heading due north! It didn't bank gradually like a plane would or even more sharply like a helicopter, it just changed directions suddenly and without any hint it was going to do so. I stood there with my mouth wide open thinking, "there is no way that just happened" It then proceeded due north until after another 20 seconds or so it was so far away I could barely make it out. By then the sun was starting to show more light and the stars were fading. I stood there wondering about it for a couple more minutes and went back to bed.

After the trip, I was at work and speaking to a co-worker/friend and told them of the experience. This person is an army reserve officer, very honest and straightforward. Their response was with a smile and matter of fact, "that was no cloud... you have no idea what the military is capable of. It was a cloaking device designed to portray the image they wanted to show. Probably a helicopter." We chatted some more and they pointed out what better place (the remote desert) and time (before sunrise) to test such things and how many reliable witness would be out there to see it at that moment?

Now I don't think this person would ever tease me, but at the same time, I don't really believe such a thing/device is possible, yet I know what I saw and have no doubts it occured.

My question is, has anyone else ever heard of such a thing?
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